Friday, August 13, 2010

Winton Fun Day - July 3rd 2010

Another Winton Fun Day that lived up to its name! It's been over a month since we attended this event, so apologies for the delayed post.

A 4am start is a must for any outing to Winton. For most of the morning, fog and water patches covered the track. Now this doesn't inspire confidence when 30 or so drivers - ranging from first timers to hardcore racers - are all sharing the track at the one time.

But luckily, the weather warmed up as the day progressed ...

And with that so did our performance...

All three drivers got some decent track time - despite the on track congestion, which at times could only be avoided by a quick break away on the straights.

The car performed extremely well throughout the day with a slight exception of the occasional fuel surge while taking the right hand turn leading onto the main start/finish straight - but that should be easily fixed with surge tank.

Overall, a great day!