Friday, March 25, 2011

Minor brake service

So it was about time to roll the STi out of the garage and actually inspect what was left of the rear brakes. They were making a horrid grinding sound after the last track day.

Pulling the caliper off revealed bits of metal from the old pads!

The difference in size between the new and old pads was ridiculous! We should've definitely changed them before the last track day. Our friend Elias popped by and helped with popping the new pads in, pushing the piston back into place and bleeding the brake system. 

And now she's ready for the next track day!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dec & Jan Winton!!

Well once again it wouldn't be a track day without the usual drama that comes with it all.

And as always going to Winton is very exciting for me! Doesn't matter if I've had 3hrs of sleep the night before, just as long as we get there on time, without any hiccups I'm satisfied. 

So as it was, I had the pleasure of warming up the tyres and brakes for the other guys. That was until the inevitable happened *Engine Check Light* flickering on the dash!! That's right, another airflow meter had failed...right before the first session was over.

This was fast becoming a painful half yearly occurrence! With the exception of the AFM, the STi had been extremely reliable, especially with all the punishment the three of us had put it through.

So with that unfortunate event, our day was ended prematurely and we headed home.

Luckily for us Winton was hosting another track day in Jan which gave us enough time to sort out this troublesome sensor.
So with the car back up and running again, we headed back in Jan and had a flawless day. We had such a blast that the rear brakes were burnt to a crisp. Surprisingly the fronts were still holding up ok....
Leaving the pits with our friend Leon in his Renault Clio Sport 172.