Monday, June 20, 2011

And so it begins....

So over the past few months as I quickly got acquainted with the new STi, the modding bug slowly kicked in :-/
I was quick to order an STi front lip from Ultrex Performance, which helped transform the front end of the car. 

Then the Greddy Infometer was next to be installed, which I might add has saved me a few times with it's alarm notification....

And replaced my old scratched gear knob, for a newer more lighter STi duracon style knob!

I also had a box of Duragloss products arrive from the States. Its the first time I've used any Duragloss product. They seem to have a good warp on a few detailing forums, so I thought why not. 

I noticed a couple of marks on my roof lining and on my floor mats, so Duragloss 451 Fabric & Carpet Cleaner was put to the test.

I applied the foam aerosol cleaner and let it set for 20 secs then scrubbed the surface with a dry towel.

The roof lining came up great and the mats have never looked better. It also leaves the surface smelling fresh. So I'd definitely recommend this product.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New addition GDB MY06 WRX STi....

Introducing my new toy....MY06 Subaru Impreza WRX STi, personally my favorite shape STi!

I had honestly never intended on purchasing one of these cars, especially considering that I had been trawling the Japanese Auction houses for a decent Mitsubishi EVO 5/6 to import for over two months!! 

These days the number of rusted or smash repaired cars going through the auction houses is astonishing! It pays to have a trusted Import Broker such as Iron Chef Imports helping you out through the some what daunting import process. 

Although the GC8 STi is 11 years old, it really hasn't lost its aggressive sporty looks against it's newer sibling!! Gotta love the classics clean lines.

However mechanically you can definitely feel the difference between the GC8's 2L and the newer 2.5L unit in the GDB. After driving both cars back to back, the lower end lag in GC8 is very noticeable in comparison to the more torquey GDB. 

The newer STi has gained a few KG's over the years, yet it still feels nimble and agile.

I know the picture quality isn't great, however I just had to snap a few comparison shots of the two cars with my phone. 

After a few weeks of driving it, I've managed to rack up over a 1000KM's and still can't stop smiling from all the fun i'm having.

Currently the car is overly stock, however sporting only pink STi lowering springs which provide an improved stance and handling. It did come with a few goodies on the inside; Leather Trim, Sunroof, Pioneer DVD-SAT Nav unit, sub-woofer, two amps and a reversing camera! 

Being my usually self, I couldn't help resist but to start modify the car to liking. So I installed a Greddy Informeter Touch which has live ECU stats via the ODBII port. 

An STi front lip is on the way and then the real fun will begin once a Turbo Back Exhaust System, Cold Air Intake and a flash tune are on the car.