Monday, June 20, 2011

And so it begins....

So over the past few months as I quickly got acquainted with the new STi, the modding bug slowly kicked in :-/
I was quick to order an STi front lip from Ultrex Performance, which helped transform the front end of the car. 

Then the Greddy Infometer was next to be installed, which I might add has saved me a few times with it's alarm notification....

And replaced my old scratched gear knob, for a newer more lighter STi duracon style knob!

I also had a box of Duragloss products arrive from the States. Its the first time I've used any Duragloss product. They seem to have a good warp on a few detailing forums, so I thought why not. 

I noticed a couple of marks on my roof lining and on my floor mats, so Duragloss 451 Fabric & Carpet Cleaner was put to the test.

I applied the foam aerosol cleaner and let it set for 20 secs then scrubbed the surface with a dry towel.

The roof lining came up great and the mats have never looked better. It also leaves the surface smelling fresh. So I'd definitely recommend this product.

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