Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mods Mods Mods!!

It's been awhile since my last post and how soooo much as changed!!

Change is good, especially when its in the form of a power increase.

First things first, the stock exhaust was to go. This was replaced with a TCP Auto turbo back exhaust system. I decided to go with the TCP system due to the lower db reading it produced, which apparently comes in just under the legal limit. I wasn't after a noisy full blown race system, just a decent flowing system that would help improve the power output and give that unquie subaru exhaust rumble. 

Gotta love the shiny new bits...
First the intercooler comes out...
The dump pipe bolts would have to be the hardest bolts to remove in the entire install

Second item to be installed was an AEM Cold Air intake system.

The oversized filter sits in the guard for that stealthy look...

I forgot to take an actual pic of my intake in the guard....however the above is pretty much it!

And finally a Walbro 225 fuel pump was installed and the car started first time perfectly without a hitch. 

The car was driven (off boost) to Springy Motors for a Dyno Tune. This is the first vehicle I've owned that I've taken in for a tune, so I was quite nervous. But thankfully Danny did an excellent job and with a conservative tune managed 200KW's ATW. 

My main goals is to maintain reliability, gain a little power while keeping the car as stealth as possible. And so far it seems to be working.

A BIG thank-you to Cambs for helping me install the parts! It's great to be learning so much from an experienced DIY'er! 

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